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Campaign Finance and Election Law

Daniel Horwitz represents and advises elected officials, candidates, PACs, county political parties, and other political law clients across Tennessee regarding applied Tennessee state campaign finance and election law issues.  Horwitz formerly served as election counsel for the Tennessee Democratic Party, and he currently serves as General Counsel for Tennesseans For Sensible Election Laws, an election-reform oriented multicandidate political campaign committee.  If you are seeking election law assistance, please contact Horwitz using the contact form below.

“AN INVALUABLE ASSET:  Daniel’s portfolio is a broad one, but the particular area of expertise where I most often solicit his help is applied Election Law. As Executive Director of the Tennessee Democratic Party, I frequently need advice with respect to candidate qualifications, electoral challenges, and other election-specific matters. Daniel’s work in this area is simply superlative. It is concise, well reasoned and supported, brilliantly written, specific, and actionable. It is also hard to come by elsewhere. Daniel Horwitz is an invaluable asset.”

Alan Secrest, 2014 Executive Director of the Tennessee Democratic Party; Tennessee Campaign Finance and Election Law Client

“Daniel helped helped us resolve a campaign disclosure issue with the state department that handles such issues. I was very impressed with Daniel’s professionalism, knowledge and his overall attitude ensuring we had the best legal representation possible. I will most certainly use Daniel again and highly recommend him to others.”

Gary Bynum, Chairman, Davidson County Democratic Party; Tennessee Campaign Finance and Election Law Client

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Selected Election Law Case History

1.  Wallace v. Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, et al.—Tennessee Supreme Court (won)

Selected Case Documents

*Tennessee Supreme Court’s Opinion and Order granting relief,

Wallace Principal Brief

Metro’s Principal Brief

Wallace Reply Brief

Wallace Application for Extraordinary Jurisdiction

Selected Media Coverage

-The Tennessean: Tennessee Supreme Court moves up Nashville mayoral special election to May

-The Nashville Scene: Supreme Court: Mayoral Election Must Be Held in May

-The Nashville Post: Supreme Court moves mayoral election to May

-The Nashville Business Journal: Supreme Court strikes down August mayoral election date

-Nashville Business Journal: Tennessee Supreme Court to decide fate of Nashville mayoral election

-WPLN: Nashville Must Hold Next Mayor’s Election In May, Court Rules

-Nashville Post: Supreme Court will decide mayoral election date

-Nashville Scene:  Metro Legal Could Cost the City Money for Another Election

2.  Tennesseans for Sensible Election Laws v. Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance, Registry of Election Finance et al.Tennessee Court of Appeals/Davidson County Chancery Court (won)

Selected Case Documents:

*Court of Appeals Opinion Affirming Judgment

*Chancery Court Memorandum and Order

*Chancery Court Order Awarding Attorney’s Fees

Plaintiff’s Complaint

Plaintiff’s Memorandum of Law in Support of a Preliminary Injunction

Defendants’ Answer

Plaintiff’s Pre-Trial Brief

Defendants’ Pre-Trial Brief

Principal Brief of Appellants BECF and Davidson DA

Brief of Appellee Tennesseans for Sensible Election Laws

Reply Brief of Appellants BECF and Davidson DA

Amicus Brief of the Beacon Center of Tennessee 

Brief of Amici Curiae Goldwater Institute and Liberty Justice Center

Selected Media Coverage:

-The Tennessean: Appeals court tosses Tennessee laws that created a donation blackout for nonpartisan PACs

-The Tennessean: Nashville judge rules against state in lawsuit over ‘blackout period’ for PACs

-Nashville Post: Court strikes down ‘blackout period’ campaign finance provision

-The Tennessean: Tennessee sued over PAC contributions ‘blackout period’ before elections

3.  Fraternal Order of Police v. Metropolitan Government & Community Oversight NowTennessee Court of Appeals (won)

Selected Case Documents:

*Court of Appeals Memorandum Opinion Affirming Judgment

FOP Court of Appeals Brief

Metro Court of Appeals Brief

Community Oversight Now Court of Appeals Brief

*Tennessee Supreme Court Order Denying FOP’s Rule 10 Application

FOP Rule 10 Application

Community Oversight Now Rule 10 Response

Selected Media Coverage:

-The Tennessean: Community oversight board belonged on the Nashville ballot, appeals court says; vote stands

4.  George v. Hargett (on behalf of Amicus Curiae)—U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (won)

Case Documents:

Brief of the “Yes On 1” Campaign as Amicus Curiae

*Sixth Circuit Opinion Reversing District Court

Plaintiffs’ Petition for Rehearing En Banc

Sixth Circuit Order Denying En Banc Review

Media Coverage:

-The Tennessean: Appeals court won’t reconsider Tennessee abortion measure decision

-Patch: Federal Court Denies Challenge To Tennessee Abortion Amendment

-The Tennessean: Fate of Tennessee abortion measure Amendment 1 now up to appeals court

-Pro Life News: Tennessee: Pro-Life Win as Judge Says State Counted Votes Correctly on Amendment 1

-The Tennessean: Amendment 1 plaintiffs on shaky legal ground

-News Channel 5: Vote Counting For Tennessee Abortion Measure Argued In Federal Court

-Yes on 1: Yes on 1 Files State Court Motion on Behalf of Disenfranchised Voters

Selected Election Law Scholarship

-Daniel A. Horwitz, A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words:  Why Ballot Selfies Are Protected by the First Amendment, 18 SMU Sci. & Tech. L. Rev. 247 (2015), available at (featured in May 2016 ABA Journal).

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